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Dr. Kamlesh Lulla - Aiming far beyond Space

Dr. Kamlesh P. Lulla holds two Ph.D degrees, is an expert in Earth and Space sciences at NASA. He served as a Senior Professor and Director of Space Remote Sensing Research Center at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana before joining NASA JSC in 1988.

Dr. Kamlesh is the Cheif Scientist for Earth Observation in the Human Exploration Science Office of thekamleshfinal.jpg (5739 bytes) Space and Life Sciences Directorate at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.  Dr. Lulla directs the Earth Observations Science activities from the Space Shuttle Flights, and the International Space Station. He is also responsible for directing the training of NASA Astronauts and MIR Cosmonauts in Earth Observation Sciences. Dr. Lulla's team trained astronauts for the past twenty flights in Earth and remote sensing sciences.

Prior to working as the Chief Scientist for Earth Observation he served as Chief of Earth Science Branch and as the senior lead mission scientists for Earth Observation for the Space Shuttle Flights. As a team leader of astronaut trainers and briefers, he coordinated the acquisition of scientifically useful imagery and data. Dr. Lulla also directs the Earth science data collection and database development activities.

Dr. Kamlesh coauthored four books and authored numerous paper and reports in international scientific journals and publications. He is also the Chief Editor of Geocarto International and a Guest Editor of American Journal of Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing.

Dr. Kamlesh has received numerous awards from NASA, US Government and various universities. The following are a gist of the awards that he received.

1 NASA's "Manned Flight Awareness Award" in 1993
2 Houston Federal Executive Board's" Federal Scientist of the Year Award" in 1992

India Culture Center of greater Houston's award for "Outstanding Professional Achievement" in 1990

4 Cultural Festival of India Award (United States) in 1991
5 Indiana State University conferred upon him the "Distinguished Alumni" Award in 1991.

He received the prestigious Space Remote Sensing Medal from the Association of American Geographers in 1996


Received the Scientific Achievement Award at the Ninth Luckas Symposium on Geospatial and Information science societies and Presidential Citation from the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at Washington, D.C. in 1999


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